Perhaps the most under-utilized assets in most companies are the ideas in their employees’ heads

Our book helps you learn three key things:

  1. How to tap into your employees' passion to drive growth
  2. A useful model for assessment: See how different innovation programs provide varied levels of effectiveness
  3. How to use our “recipe book” for going from 0 to 100 (from no innovation program to a cohesive program that effectively drives growth)

This book is unique in that we cover the theory of the case — including success stories and data points — plus we provide the tools, playbooks and templates proven effective in accelerating your company’s transformation.

The book will be released in 2018.

About the AuTHORS

Hugh Molotsi

In my 22 years at Intuit, I was both a serial innovator and innovation leader.  I personally helped lead the formation of numerous new businesses as a front line employee and later coached and assisted other intrapreneurs in my role as innovation leader.  I’ve experienced the many challenges and setbacks in our efforts to cultivate a culture of innovation.  I’ve also experienced the rewards of these efforts through higher employee engagement and revenue growth.  These experiences inform our prescription for developing effective grassroots innovation programs in the enterprise.  In 2011 I was awarded Intuit’s first Founders Innovation Award.


As Intuit's Grassroots Innovation leader, I’ve been able to spend years focusing on my true passion - helping other employees boldly innovate in ways that improve customer’s lives. Along with a small team of other passionate Intuit change-drivers, I’ve been at the center of rolling out 10% Unstructured Time, Design Thinking, Idea Jams, Lean Experimentation, internal-incubation and ‘Customer Benefits-focus’ across the company. The cultural shift at Intuit has been large, successful, and eye-opening. The bumps, bruises and scars picked-up along the way comprise useful information I enjoy sharing with other corporate innovation enthusiasts.



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